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€10.00 p/m - 6 months minimum @ 60.00
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Selling your property is an important decision and you want result.
Here are some TIPS how to best advertise your property online.

  • Title: make sure your title is totally relevant; Limit to about 60 characters as search engines like that. Type of property at beginning of title, if 'for sale' put 'for sale' or just 'sale' in title, finally add the nearest relevant location without privacy violation. Use not more than ONE fancy word like 'large' 'exclusive' as these words typically are not used in search strings. Example: 'water mill sale dordogne'.
  • You MUST choose a property type from our choice menu as the property may not be shown properly.
  • Create a description with and highlight no more than three key criteria about your property. Repeat the keywords for those key criteria several times including synonyms
  • Description should have plenty paragraph spacing for easier reading. Limit property details repetition if already input in property details as they are visible to visitors. A good story about the property with varied text using synonyms for the 'type of property' is perfect.
  • Make sure the 3 relevant key words are in the first paragraph of the description
  • High quality photos in landscape make for quicker sales
  • ALWAYS have the personal property description in English PLUS one other relevant language (usually your mother tongue if other than English). First prepare the full description in your default language. If totally happy copy the title and description to Google translate and add English Dutch, French, German, Italian and/or Spanish. Even if the translation is not perfect, visitors will understand and more language descriptions increases your chances of a successful sale 2 or 3 fold. Every extra language is essentially a free ad page in that language. Note that all standard property information is always shown in the 6 primary languages of the Moulin websites
  • Payment private advertiser: Our pricing is very competitive and includes VAT. If you are advertising on behalf of a business you can leave company details in the Update details section of your login Profile. For advertisers using our payment provider Multisafepay, the Multisafepay confirmation of payment is your invoice. Payment with VISA/Mastercard, PayPal and the most used bank payment options in different countries
  • Payment Estate agents: For Estate agents that prefer separate invoicing and who prefer to use a credit card or PayPal, please ask Moulin to send a fully automated payment link for that purpose. If your business is registered in Europe please also add your VAT number in the Update details section.


If you wish to extend your ad, the better option is to create a new one of the same property and pay for that. This generates a new ID# and puts you at the top of our relevant listings at no xtra cost. The advantage is that you are being reminded of and confronted with the existing advertising format, title, descriptions and a good chance to make some improvements to your ad.

Another unique proposal at no extra cost

Moulin sends out a weekly Newsletter and your property has a chance to be included as one of the 6 properties shown nearly each week. If you feel that your property has unique features in terms of architecture or purpose or has a special price advantage over similar properties, do not hesitate to contact us and your property may well be in our next mailing.

Once you've paid for the ad your property will appear at the top of the listing including our homepage based on the order of ID number. Latest ad always appears first in all relevant listings on type, location and general listing pages.

If you feel that our visiblity for your region is not optimal yet, please send us a message. We will do our utmost to make your property stand out, but as mentioned above we also need your help by using a simple breathtaking title and description. The important thing is to always be honest about the quality of your property.

In the listing below you will notice very different titles and descriptions. We are not responsible for most of these as they are input by third parties. You will notice that some are not of the desired quality.

Our visitors will have a choice of location and property types on most of our landing pages whilst being able to filter very deep using the menu below. It is not the most high tech method available today, but it appears to be user-friendly for our type of audience.


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