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Moulin for sale in France - French mills is the premier website for buying and selling Mills in France

The french Mills - Moulins de France offers a wide selection of French mill properties and in our normal property space conversation a 'Mill' in France is most often about Ann already converted or ready to convert building for residence purpose. Wikipedia says the actual Mill is 'just' a grinding machine, originally with one or more millstones, mainly cereal grains harvested to turn them into more or less coarse powder or flour. The word also designates, by extension or by analogy, any machine suitable for grinding, pounding, spraying various food or semi-food materials of the type semolina, ground spices, fine salt, sugar, coffee or cocoa to be reduced to powder, etc., or only to fragment them or to facilitate the subsequent extraction of certain liquid bodies present, such as shuttle oils, rapeseed, olives, nuts, obtained by pressing the pulp or flesh.
The term also applies to various materials, minerals, textiles or fibrous matters unrelated to food. Of course to create the end product it was mostly water but also wind energy to engage run the hydrolics needed for this purpose.

This small type industry using Mills was vacated already in the earlier part of the 20th century. People also lived in the buildings which were of reasonable size. Many of the Mills we know now as residential houses are between 250 and 500m2 and allow for very creative interior designs with often benefit of generating their own electricity which is often more than required with execess being distributed at a fair price to the energy company for redistribution.